And as if by magic I am in Argentina, in Puerto Iguazzu to be precise, a town just over the border and close to the Argentina side of the waterfalls. What a transformation! The place is clean, the buildings are in good order, and prices make Brazil seem extortionate! I’ve splashed out on a quality […]

Foz do Iguaca

In Foz do Iguaca, in what must be surely the cheapest internet caff on the planet, at about 35p an hour. Last night’s coach journey was also fine, a bit of an old bone-shaker coach compared with the last one, but strangely with better seats that convert close to being a flat bed. They didn’t […]


The coach journey was actually pretty decent, on time and quite comfortable. The seats are very similar to the old-style British Airways club class seats for anyone that used them, i.e. they recline back a long way and have decent legroom. The bus was only about 1/5th full anyway, so there was plenty of room […]

Travel Plans

Taking off tomorrow, hopefully I have a ticket for a bus to Florianopolis, down to the south of here. It’s an 18 hour journey, but is in semi-leito which is somewhere between second class and first class, so hopefully it’ll be OK. Needless to say, it’s CHEAP! 🙂 I say hopefully, as the travel agent […]


Been lead astray my a mate of Morten’s, and living the Rio nightlife. At one point I (English) was with him (Uruguayan) in a club (Mexican) in Rio (Brazilian) drinking Miller (American) and listening to the Cranberies (Irish), so I can say I’ve had a truly international experience. It was also an experience when we […]

The Rain..

Bad day yesterday, felt as rough as old boots in the morning and the weather was total crap, raining steadily all day in true London style. Eventually managed to crawl as far as an Irish bar and cheered for France during the Brazil/France game (not one of my better moves, this….) Today though I am […]

Ear Damage

Felt rough when I got back to the hotel again, then a tropical rainstorm came through so decided against “Help” and splashed out 1 pound 20p on a room service meal instead. Nice weather today, just on way to the city sights. By the way, my phone does get signal out here even if not […]


Slept well and feeling considerably better today, although my ear is still malfunctioning quite alarmingly. As such, still taking it easy today, took a walk along Ipanema beach and then across and dabbled my feet in the sea at Copacabana beach. It turns out that the exchange rate is a whopping 5.5 reais to the […]

Hello Brazil!

Took the boat out, very posy indeed, and cruised out to moor up for lunch the other side of the bay. Whilst Johana was shopping the 3 of us sat in a Brazilian bar, watching a boat burst into flames, drift for 45 minutes before exploding and sinking. We think they got the people off […]


The flight was fairly uneventful, although a bit of frequent flyer residual status ensured that I got a crew rest seat on the plane, which is basically a big cushy fully reclining seat in a private area of the plane, much to the frustration of most of the other passengers. Arrived in Miami and met […]