Cu Chi Tunnels

Had my lazy day yesterday and changed hotels to somewhere quieter and cheaper, and today have just got back from a tour of the Cu Chi tunnels, another relic of the American War (that’s the Vietnam War to me and you). A pretty good day out and you get to crawl 90 metres through these […]


The slow trains are not half as nice as the expresses it turns out, but still fine. I shared my cabin with a German bloke and a 137 year old Vietnamese gentleman. I felt so guilty when he was trying to climb up the pegs they give you to get to the top bunk that […]

Nha Trang

Had a lot of fun on the bike yesterday, went about 25Km north of Nha Trang to find the Ba Ho waterfalls and swimming holes, it was most interesting trying to find the dirt track that leads off the main road as nothing is signposted, but with the help of about 300 locals I eventually […]

Hue to Nha Trang

I shared the 4-man cabin with three senior Vietnamese hydro-electric engineers, on their way to Nha Trang to check on another new dam/powerstation in the south here somewhere. They were friendly enough but the dodgy English was hard work after about the first 8 hours. Now I’m in Nha Trang, the bloke that was meant […]


Not the most exciting day out ever, the DMZ tour to be brutally honest. Not for the amount of driving involved anyway. Would be better for yanks to be patriotic I’d imagine. We went down the Vinh Moc tunnels in a very spectacular coastal setting, a very well preserved rabbit warren of tiny passageways going […]

Halong Bay

The Halong trip was absolutely amazing! There were 8 of us on it out of a possible 16, two English lads, an American and English girl, another older English bloke with his wife who quickly turned out to be total wankers, and a rather strange Czech bloke from Prague, called “Czech” who spent the entire […]

Water Puppets

Have secured a place on a Chinese junk for tonight out on Halong Bay. I’ve no idea quite what to expect really, as I’m always rather paranoid about these organised tour things, but this is one of those times where there is not much choice. Tomorrow night I have booked a place on the “Reunification […]


I’m here in Hanoi, after a fair amount of hassle getting here. The flight was fine, except that I left my watch on the plane which, strangely enough, has not been found. Looks like I’ll have to get a fake Rolex for 2 quid for the time being. The next hassle was negotiating a place […]

Massage Time!

I ended up having a few too many in Khao San last night with some English guys I bumped into, so only woke up at 1pm today, fully clothed with all the lights on and TV blaring. Never mind.. Have come over to Khao San yet again to get my Hanoi flight for tomorrow, and […]

Bangkok Continued

I am still in Bangkok, unfortunately my ear has not progressed the way I would like, so today I had to resort to going to a clinic, the doctor there immediately referring me to a hospital. Once I had found that which was a nightmare in itself, they actually turned out to be very efficient […]