Spent the last two nights here, met some guys and had several beers the first night as my stomach finally nearly feels better. Consequently spent the next day in bed and took an evening boat trip around the island we’re on, stopping off to visit a few temples, including Wat Phanan Choeng, with a seriusly […]

Khao San Road

This is the famous Khao San Road But I’m not staying here, given that I’m over 20 years old. I’m actually staying in Rambuttri, just next door but vastly more civilised. It’s been a fairly uneventful couple of days, I’ve felt a little sick just with acclimatisation issues, but they’re passing now. Seeing this farang […]


You know you’ve arrived in Asia when you get to wipe your bum with a hosepipe… I decided on the cheap option for transit from the airport which includes a train followed by this boat: It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it does get you downtown for 45 baht, which is almost a quid at […]

I’m Off!

Armed with not much more than this bag, sunnies and a number-2-all-over haircut I’m off to Bangkok this evening. Beyond that, nothing is really planned, apart from a return flight from Hong Kong 3 months later and I’m in possession of a Chinese visa. The very rough plan I have is to visit Burma, then […]