I’m part way there, I’ve spent days sorting through my photographs, trying to remove any “inappropriate” ones, and they can now be seen here. I’m also working on a few web pages to give a bit of blurb about the trip, the one I had partially done has gone missing, GRRRRR…. More waiting I’m afraid! […]

No Photos Yet

Unsurprisingly I’m all behind – I’ve sorted through the photos and have partially designed the website, but tomorrow I’m off to Cornwall for a couple of weeks so there won’t be much progress until I get back (things happen sllllloooooowwwwwly down there) Posted from Worcester Park, England, United Kingdom.

Curry and Toast

Home sweet home 🙁 At least the journey went smoothly, not that I’d really know as I was unconscious for most of it. Having spent one day here now in a partial daze it’s hard to say how it feels to be back as yet, so far it’s been nice to enjoy some simple pleasures […]

Khao San Road

As planned I’m in Kao San Road, today is a lovely sunny hot one, just to rub things in I suppose. This morning found me digging deep into the bottom of my backpack to pull out a long-sleeved top, the leg extensions for my trousers, and even a pair of socks! And I think I’ll […]

Boy Street

Last night I checked out the rest of South Pattaya, to the south of my hotel and things only got worse. I inadvertently walked down Soi 3 of an area known as “Pattayaland”, this soi is also known as “Boy Street”. No further explanations required there… Other than that the prices rose to astronomical levels, […]

Not My Kind of Place..

As ever things look better today under the light of day and after a decent sleep, at least until I went for breakfast in the hotel. Here you get to see the sleaze at it’s height, with all the old tossers eating with the girls they picked up the night before, who are still wearing […]


A long day today, getting to Pattaya via a variety of transports – a motorbike taxi to the bus station, a bus to Bangkok, a taxi to Khoa San Road, walk to the longtail boat, then the boat, then the sky train, then another bus to Pattaya which turned out to be a bit of […]


I had a shock to the system this morning, I stepped outside and actually felt a bit chilly – it was only 27 C this morning, the coldest daytime temperature I’ve been in since Sydney over 3 months ago. Looking at the London forecast which says maximums of 14 C I think I’m going to […]

The Death Railway

A quiet day – I’ve moved to the Pong Penh gusethouse (which actually doesn’t smell that bad), have procured a bike for tomorrow, and went up to revisit the death railway bridge. Apart from that I’ve generally veged, and had a massage. Why did I even bother to make this entry??? It must be the […]


The coin landed in favour of Kanchanaburi, so here I am, after a small hassle in Bangkok with the taxi driver taking me from my train station of arrival to the one I needed for the Kanchanaburi train. The guy didn’t know where it was so left me, well, somewhere… (This is rather like a […]