Made it to the town of Gardiner just at the North gate of Yellowstone Park. Crossed through two more states to do this, Idaho and Montana. This turned out to be a cool little town really, we got a nice motel for virtually nothing and ended up doing a crawl of various local bars where we were once again the objects of much curiosity. We ended up getting a lock-in at one place until 3-15 with the bar maid making us free cocktails and JD and Coke’s…

Then we found we had totally lucked out with the park, just the day before the road through to the Old Faithful geyser was opened, would have been a bit of a tragedy had that been shut. So we hiked for one day in the hope of seeing wild life but saw bugger all, then the next day went to Old Faithful. We again lucked out with the timing, within 10 mins of arriving the nearby “beehive” geyser shot it’s load which it only does once a day, 180 feet into the air. Then 20 minutes after that the Old Faithful blew off too, which only goes about once every 90 minutes.

Now we are in Jackson, which is the hub of some ski resorts in Wyoming, but they’re shut, there’s no hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, fishing or pretty much anything to do, as the winter season has shut here and the summer one is not yet open. There’s sod all on telly either really… We did do a short hike through a snow caked trail to see a frozen lake which was, well, frozen really. Now we’re about to go out and try and find a restaurant that’s open, then we’re going to see Kill Bill vol II, I’ll be spoiling the plot tomorrow for those in the UK as it’s not yet open there 🙂

Going to do a long day driving back to Denver tomorrow, there’s not much else to see en route.

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