Zion, Vegas, Mexico and LA

Zion was pretty impressive, although we didn’t really do proper justice to it as we were short on time and still pretty tired out from the Grand Canyon hike. Then we hit Vegas, and it is certainly as glitzy and tacky as you imagine it would be! Had a couple of fairly hard nights out, one with Eric, Iain’s old flat mate from Denver. We had a cheap motel right in the middle of The Strip so it was all fairly handy.

Rushing now, in LAX airport waiting for a plane… From Vegas we went to San Diego, had a great couple of nights in Pacific Beach. The high point perhaps was the evening in Tijuana across the Mexican border, we went down for a couple of drinks, ended up staggering back through the border at 2am or something, both of us fully spread-eagled against some railings getting frisked by Mexican plods, then a full grilling from the US immigration people about which we can hardly remember anything..

Last night in LA, but didn’t do much apart from drive through Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Must go, just time for one more red wine before the flight!

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