Well I’ve suddenly remembered why I’ve not been doing dorms so far. At least they’re nice people and hardly snored, but still difficult to get a moment’s peace. The good side of that is without sleep I was able to get up in time for the 6:45am kick off of the England/Croatia match, which was a good thing given that it was such an entertaining game.

Breakfast was quite a shocker, literally. I was in the caff when two enormous lightning bolts hit down overhead, I assume hitting the Sky Tower which was about 300 yards from where I was. That’s the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. This was followed by marble-sized hailstones so was quite a spectacle.

I hit a couple of bars last night and finished up in the backpacker’s brothel bar in the basement of the hostel. Here is where you get 2 pints of snakebite for the price of one, etc. etc. You feel a bit like a ship trying to avoid mines in World War II when you leave the hostel in the morning, expect in this case the mines are pools of puke. Tonight’s special down there is “girls get your tits out” night, so me and these 2 German geezers from the dorm have decided to give it a second chance.

Oh I also forgot a new small claim to fame. The Argentinian rugby team were on my plane from Santiago, I got chatting to one of the props a bit who told me they are playing the All Blacks on Saturday. You have to laugh, these guys were crammed into the economy section, but of course they have no chance of fitting into the seats so they congregated in the galley instead and tried to pull the Lan Chile air stewardesses. Can’t blame them I suppose, they just got crushed by Wales I think so need to do something to cheer up.

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