Have spent the last few days loafing about in Kuta – I had intended to spend more time exploring the island a bit to places a bit more cultured like Ubud, but the lure of the lovely hotel complex, the beaches and the nightlife have been too much! Besides, it’s nice not to have to worry about moving around all the time for a few days.

I had a rather more successful massage today, this time I opted for one of the old dears on the beach, with wonky teeth and a number on her hat which CLEARLY makes her at least somewhat official, and thought she might also make a better masseus. Aside from having to negotiate her price from 150,000 down to 25,000 and then fending off someone trying to give me (yet another) manicure and some exceedingly desperate person wanting to rub my feet for money it was all highly enjoyable!

Other than that have been soaking up some sun and am looking actually quite tanned, and enjoying the plentiful nightlife, although I’ve got to know the name of every prostitute in town at this stage, just one of the side effects of being a bloke on your own I suppose. Tomorrow I fly to Jakarta on Java where I have to spend the night which is just nuisance value really, as there’s not too much to see there, but my connection the following day to Singapore is too early to make from here.

So, it’s off for one last night on the razz and then I have to hope that I can get up in time to meet my massage granny on the beach in the morning, and still have time to get back to the hotel, take one last dip in the pool and get to the airport in time for the flight…