Kuala Lumpur

The last 2 days seem to have whizzed by without much happening, although I did plenty of sleeping yesterday morning I suppose. Took a ride up the Menara tower which is their idea of the BT Tower, but much bigger. Pretty impressive view from the top across the city, perhaps the highlight being when a storm moved in and we went from nice sunshine and plenty of visibility to crashing rain and a superb lightning show, in which we seemed to be right in the middle of course as we were so high up. Within 20 minutes it had passed and we were back to sunshine again! I also took a hike to the Petronas Towers which are also in a nice setting, you can go to the viewing gallery on these as well but this has been fully booked this weekend so was not to be.

I’ve booked myself on an overnight train for Weds night taking me to Hat Yai in the south of Thailand, for a change. It’s a 15 hour journey but I have a bed, I’m quite curious to find out what that’ll be like! Tomorrow I think I’m going to have a stab at getting to the Cameron Highlands for a couple of nights, it should also be something quite different as it’s an high elevation area of tea plantations and the like. I think I’m KL’ed out, it’s rather a curious city, full of Western influences and modern stuff all in amongst a load of ramshackle old crap. That said it was odd revisiting Sentral station today to buy my train ticket, which was where I spent the early hours of yesterday morning. How different things seem from when you have no money, are soaking wet, not having anywhere to stay and being hassled by taxi drivers to how things are in the sunshine with the luxury of a few ringgits in your pocket and a comfy hotel waiting down the road!