Hat Yai

The town was fairly quiet really, in terms of people out and about. Several bars had live music, mostly doing covers of Western tracks and they were making a pretty decent job of it by all accounts. Anyway I bailed out about midnight and staggered back to the hotel, where the doorman checked whether or not I needed a girl for the night! God knows what kind of place that was…

At the bus station this morning I learned that my 09:30 bus for Chumphon has crashed, so now I have to wait for the noon service instead. I hope I’m going to the right place anyway, it seems to be variously spelt as Chumphon, Chumpon, Chumporn and Chumpom. Nobody seems to be able to assure me that these are all the same place, but by resorting to comparing the Thai script on the notice board in the bus station with that in my Lonely Planet I believe I’ve got a ticket to the right place!

Think I’ll drown my sorrows with a Singha or two.

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