Bangkok Continued

I am still in Bangkok, unfortunately my ear has not progressed the way I would like, so today I had to resort to going to a clinic, the doctor there immediately referring me to a hospital. Once I had found that which was a nightmare in itself, they actually turned out to be very efficient with a quite impressive level of English, but I was somewhat alarmed when the doctor looked in my ear and took a sharp intake of breath, rather like a builder does when he’s scratching his bum crack and telling you that your kitchen extension is going to cost you an extra three grand. Seemingly my eardrum is akin to a PG Tips tea bag and covered in pus, and he’s given me some Goliath-strength antibiotics and some sulphuric acid ear drops. Let’s see what happens.

Meanwhile, my Vietnam visa has arrived. It’s interesting that my passport is now full in terms of blank pages, but the officials of both Indonesia and Vietnam have chosen to bury entry stamps for the USA in the passport with their visa stick-ons. Wonder if they’re trying to convey a message? I’m thinking now along the lines of getting a flight to Hanoi on Wednesday, then making my way south to Ho Chi Minh City before coming back via Cambodia. Maybe now I won’t have time to work in Laos, but we’ll see. Great service from the travel agent that got me the visa though, basically they send some poor sod to queue up all day at the embassy whilst I lay in bed. Sounds good to me! (or it would do if I could hear a damn thing)

Today has seen me mostly trudging around clinics, hospital and travel agents, so tonight I’m chilling in Khoa San for a while, then tomorrow all I have to do is fix a flight and go for a pedicure. On top of the two recent Thai massages I’ve had I should almost feel like someone else, with any luck!