Nha Trang

Had a lot of fun on the bike yesterday, went about 25Km north of Nha Trang to find the Ba Ho waterfalls and swimming holes, it was most interesting trying to find the dirt track that leads off the main road as nothing is signposted, but with the help of about 300 locals I eventually got there. Lovely little spot, there’s no track really, just some red arrows painted on the rocks here and there and a few staple hoops to help you climb the steepest bits. I managed to secure a waterhole to myself which was nice, lovely warm water but somewhat full of algae, so who knows what new diseases I’ve picked up now. Later I went to a couple of big Buddhas that are hanging about on a hillock.

After that had an early night, as the previous night I accidentally got talking to some people in a beach bar called the Sailing Club and crawled out at 4am. I had a reasonably early start today anyway to go on the boat trip, which was OK but nothing spectacular. There were a lot of Vietnamese on board, many of whom seemed to be seasick so we missed out some of the things we were meant to be doing I think for their benefit.

I’m going for a bit of food now and a couple more beers to try and get in the mood for the night train, I’m pretty tired so it should go well. I’ve deliberately chosen a slow train this time as the expresses are too fast and arrive at Saigon too early! (hard to believe in Vietnam, but..)

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