Cu Chi Tunnels

Had my lazy day yesterday and changed hotels to somewhere quieter and cheaper, and today have just got back from a tour of the Cu Chi tunnels, another relic of the American War (that’s the Vietnam War to me and you). A pretty good day out and you get to crawl 90 metres through these tiny little holes, most of the group bailed out through a side exit as soon as they got in as it was all a bit too much for them! There was also a chance to fire an AK-47, M-16 or a machine gun which I didn’t bother with myself but some people did. The noise they make is absolutely deafening!

Meanwhile I’m having potential problems with my Cambodia visa – as I think I mentioned before most immigration officials are retarded, and insist on putting their stamp on a completely blank page instead of using some of the other acres of room where existing stamps are. So far in Indonesia and Vietnam they happily buried some American stamps for the visas, but they are fussing for Cambodia even though I’ve got a page with just a poxy smudged Mexican stamp on it. I’ll find out my fate on that in a short while when I go to pick it up from the agency I found that was willing to go to the consulate and try. All being well I’ll probably up and leave tomorrow morning for a 3 day boat trip on the Mekong Delta and then up the river to Phnom Peng in Cambodia, if not then I’ll probably go back to Thailand and sit on an island 🙂