Vang Vieng

Have arrived in Vang Vieng, a sleepy little town but getting quite a bit of tourism industry these days. I’ve taken a cabin down on the riverside which is alarmingly high and fast flowing, I hope it doesn’t rain too much and get too much higher or I’ll be needing a new set of clothes. The otherside of the river are some very striking mountains, in which are all sorts of limestone caves to explore and waterfalls and so on.

The other night I had a somewhat surreal experience whilst channel flicking – I suddenly recognised my old office, the Adelphi Building in a film. It turns out was a scene from Killing Me Softly starring Joseph Fiennes and Heather Graham, in fact I recall being there when it was filmed but didn’t take much notice at the time. A few months ago I met a guy in a canoe in the Amazon river who knows the software we produced, and now I see the office on the TV. Someone must be trying to tell me something!

Off to try and find a restaurant with the aid of my torch that I just fixed with a paperclip. They don’t really believe in street lighting in these parts.

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