A Stoned Monk

Today I’ve been out of town, first to some hot springs which were in a nice setting, but that’s about all you can say. Apparently you can bathe in them, but I couldn’t see anywhere appealing enough to want to do it. Then I went to a Wat on the top of a hill which was hilarious. I was the only tourist there, and the resident monk (still wearing his bed sheet) was sitting there listening to The Eagles, drinking copious amounts of coffee and smoking a spliff! He told me he has to meditate for an hour in the morning and another in the evening or something, so the rest of the day is for him to chill out.

This afternoon I went to a waterfall, half of the fun being to get there as it was down a dirt track heavily rutted by rainwater. On the way you pass through several tribal villages, I must have been offered opium about 15 times on the way, mostly by mothers carrying their infants, but then it is their major source of income I suppose. The falls were also in a nice spot with a pool to swim in at the base. Tomorrow I think I’ll find some other waterfalls which are a few hours trek, but the photos I’ve seen make it look worthwhile.

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