Caves and Coffins

Well I’m still here in Pai, I only awoke at 9:30am after a large one with Zwi the Israeli in a club last night, so it seemed easier to stay here. We drove the 50 Km to Tham Lod cave, a lovely drive on a windy mountain road where some of the hairpins don’t even have potholes. Unfortunately only one of the three chambers in the cave was open due to the wet season, but it was still quite good. You can only even get into this one by raft (which was actually 4 large pieces of bamboo tied together with string). On the way back we scrambled up a cliff to a coffin cave, there are many of these in this area, which have these very long coffins in them made by hacking outside the inside of a tree trunk. They’re of unknown age and origin.

We also stopped off at Sappong for some lunch, a nice little spot but very quiet at the moment, as in the guesthouse we ate at only had 3 guests in September! I was giong to stay there but I think I’ll pass on that and head straight for Mae Hong Son tomorrow, if I actually wake up in time.

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