Busy day today – not only have I logged on to this, I’ve also had a massage and even a haircut! I must learn to take it easy really… Oh, and I bought a new pair of sandals too as my last ones fell apart, he fourth pair I’ve got through on this trip!

Tonight is definitely going to be a relaxing one on my balcony and in front of the telly, last night I decided to pop into the bar over the road from my hotel as they have a good band on, and ended up in there until closing time playing pool, badly. For some reason my room light has a switch outside the door as well, next to a switch which controls the balcony lights. So at 4am when the German geezer in the next room comes back with some Thai bird they decide to sit on the balcony for a while with the lights on, and as you’ve no doubt guessed they turned on mine as well. So what with all this today got off to a rather slow start!