I had a shock to the system this morning, I stepped outside and actually felt a bit chilly – it was only 27 C this morning, the coldest daytime temperature I’ve been in since Sydney over 3 months ago. Looking at the London forecast which says maximums of 14 C I think I’m going to be in trouble when I land!

Off I went to Erwawan today, the bike at full speed most of the way as it’s only a 110CC. I was here before but it is a beautiful spot for sure, a 7 level waterfall with crystal clear water. I found myself a private swimming hole, you can see the fish clearly when you jump in, and if you stand still they come and start nibbling at you which is a bit of a cheap thrill!

I ended up in a bar last night where they were showing “Bridge on the River Kwai”, tacky, but I suppose I should have expected it! Will leave by bus in the morning for Bangkok, then attempt to cross town for another bus station to pick up a Pattaya service.

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