Heading south..

My intentions of an early night last night were scuppered as a monsoon shower hit the city, effectively imprisoning me in the bar I was in for a couple of hours extra. It was a big one alright, certainly the heaviest I’ve seen in Thailand with about 8 to 10 inches of water standing on the road I would think. It was quite fun to wade back to the lodge after the rain finally stopped to be fair, even though there’s no guarantees about what it is you’re actually wading through!

Anyway I managed to wake up just about in time to check out of the lodge, tonight I’m heading by bus to Krabi as my plans for the train tonight went tits-up as it’s full tonight. It’s mid-30’s today and very sunny so I took to the river for a cooler breeze and a ferry down to Wat Arun on the other side of the Mae Nam Chao Phraya, I thought that I really should see at least one temple on this trip so might as well be one I’ve not been to before. It’s impressive enough, and I even managed to blag my way in for free by inadvertently posing as a French package tourist, as you do.

I’ve had trouble finding an internet caff today that is working, I think last night’s rain has taken out a lot of the infrastructure as I gather this was hard rain even by normal Thai standards. Some of the TV channels in the lodge were not working this morning either. I got chatting to some locals who were also stuck in the bar last night (blatantly drinking a bottle of Thai whiskey that they’d brought in with them from a shop down the road) and they said this was not a normal occurrence.

Well then I should go and hunt down some dinner before the bus leaves at 6pm – and better get the sun cream out as well I think, I’m toasting here! 🙂