Well here I am down under, in the apartment of my friends Stu and Teisha. I had a good flight, inadvertently when I checked in I picked a seat with open leg room so I had a good stretch out. One guy had been sneezing a lot during the flight near to me, which I noticed because Oz is really hot on the swine ‘flu thing. When we landed and stood up, we were told to all return to our seats whilst quarantine boarded the plane to make some checks. They came straight to the guy that had been sneezing and asked him a few questions, then led him and his partner away and then we were all allowed off! My theory is that the crew must have noticed this guy sneezing and radioed ahead to report him!!

Yesterday we went for a drive around the eastern suburbs to do a little sightseeing which was nice, it was a lovely day, then went to a local pub to begin the process of getting pissed, then came back to the apartment and ordered the two largest pizzas you’ve ever seen, cracked open the absyinth and got REALLY pissed. 🙂 Today we’ve headed down to the city for lunch and a wander around Darling Harbour which has been nice for me to remenisce as that’s close to where I used to live.

Tonight we’re going to chill with a big roast and tomorrow morning I’ll be heading off to Melbourne.