Great Ocean Road

I’m pretty remote now – I’ve eventually found a “milk bar” that has internet in the town of Warrnambool, I think they sell things other than milk, I can smell some rancid food anyway.

Jim got me nicely pissed on Tuesday, we did a tour of a few bars in the local suburb of Melbourne we were in. It was surprisingly busy actually! Next day I managed to jemmy myself out of bed and successfully navigated the trams and buses to another suburb where the campervan rental was and picked up my new home. She’s nice and I’ve named her Yenta as it’s the only name I can think of that starts with a Y (even then I’m not sure I spelled it right) as she’s high sided and driving it in high wind can only be described as trying to drive a yacht down the road with no keel.

Which leads me nicely onto the weather which has been CRAP! the last couple of days, reminds me of Cornwall really, lots of wind and drizzle. I drove down to Lorne the first night, a nice small town near the start of the Ocean Rd, and camped wild at the Erskine waterfall. That was nice if a little eerie being stuck out there in the pitch black on my own with only an owl for company. Yesterday I did the rest of the road, it’s one of these that hugs the cliffs in places and you get to see these massive limestone sea stacks and so on. It was impressive, as most of Japan also thought as they all seemed to be there too on coach trips.

Last night I spent on a campsite in this town which was nice as I can connect the heating up at night when I’m on mains power, it was a bit cool the night before, that’s for sure. Tonight I’ve got a night sailing in a real boat to Tasmania, then as a last minute change of plans I’ll be heading with Stu and Teish (my friends in Sydney) to Adelaide, then make a road trip about 10 hours north from there into the real outback, and the mining town of Coober Pedy where everything is built underground as it’s too hot above ground! Seemingly there’s hotel rooms and bars carved out of the rock, it should be different that’s for sure!

Rushing against the meter now so will sign off