Freezing my nuts off…

I’m now in Hobart after a few days on the road. After Launceston was a trip out to the east coast where I bedded down in Bicheno, pretty little place with the most expensive camp site on the planet. I did a night tour with some weird old aussie guy to a rookery of the fairy penguins that hang out in those parts – this dude has been looking after them for 19 years and can individually recognise each of the 900 they have! Anyway you get right up close to them as they waddle home from sea for the night, and we got treated to a party night. This entails a load of noise, then they flap their wings, then they hug each other for a while, and finally they shag each other’s brains out. One of them was doing it with a mistress in front of his wife supposedly. She didn’t seem too worried though, she just shagged the next bloke that came along 🙂

Next day, far more civilised I went out to Freycinet National Park, a peninsula with huge granite cliffs and the famous Wineglass Bay, a semi-circular white sand beach. There was a kangaroo patrolling the beach, he would come right up to you and let you stroke him and everything. That night I went to Swansea (no, not Wales) which is another really nice little place and got a fantastic pitch to sleep on, just above the beach so you could hear the waves lapping whilst you (tried to) sleep.

Today I’ve done the final leg to Hobart where I’m staying in the city in a hotel, the campsites are too far out and besides it’s bloody freezing, thank God I got heating with Yenta. I lured a bird back into her last night by the way, I even made her breakfast. Then all her mates turned up wanting breakfast too, the greedy sods.

Tonight I’m going to hit the town to get pissed and then tomorrow I fly to Adelaide to await the arrival of Stu and Teish from Sydney.