Well, we arrived. Everything was going fine until we arrived at Denver Immigration, where we were repeatedly welcomed to the USA whilst queueing for nearly 2 hours to get through. It was hot and stuffy and too much for one lady who collapsed in the queue much to the bewilderment of the bloke from the Fire Department that the airport thoughtfully sent to her aid. But they tended her well, as soon as she was well enough to partially sit up they made her crawl along the floor to keep up with the end of the queue to prevent holding everyone else up. As I said, “Welcome to the USA”….

I almost didn’t make it in to the country at all, as the retarded immigration official which served me seemed incapable of realising that the 18th Feb to 16th May is actually less than the permitted maximum stay of 90 days, and was only satisified after I had to give my word of honour that this is in fact 89 days. This combined with me not having a job really threw the simpleton, but after showing a bank statement and having to convert it to USD for him he seemed to be happy enough. He sent me on my way with a closing line “You be careful out there, people are after you….”.

As I said, “Welcome to the USA”!

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