Went to a semi-cowboy, semi-normal music bar in the suburb of Evergreen on Saturday night. A real laugh watching the 45+ year olds tapping off with one another. We got home at 2am only to have to get up at 5-30 to ski Winter Park on Sunday. This was great, we actually skiied the more hard core Mary Jane side of the resort where they do not believe in piste groomers much, so was great for pushing hard on the moguls and learning how to fall down in style. We were also blessed with glorious weather, and now I look somewhat like a lobster with panda eyes. Never mind, it will all peel off soon enough.

Went for dinner at “Chillis” last night, you can imagine what Iain’s flat smells like today… We decided to leave promptly when about sixty 15 year olds from a church group turned up and occupied all the tables around ours.