San Francisco

The snow continued to deteriorate at the Heavenly resort, and to be honest as a resort it was far from my favourite anyway, it seemed hard to get around it and you had to do a load of poling all over the place. We discovered the nearby resort of Kirkwood though and spent a couple of days skiing there, this was far superior and is one of my favourite resorts ever. It even saw me doing a load of double-blacks and staying on my feet which is something of a miracle.

After that we took a drive down to San Jose and stayed with Tony Lisamore for a couple of nights, quite a nice little town really with some fairly lively bars which we just had to try out. Yesterday we moved up to San Francisco and stayed in a motel a stone’s throw from Fisherman’s Wharf. Yesterday we did the obligatory Alcatraz trip which was pretty good actually, the holes in the vents at the back of the cells where the guys escaped from are just like those you see in the Clint Eastwood film.

Went out last night with Beata and Ray that I met last Christmas on a Trek America trip in and around Mexico, they are on good form, we’ll probably spend tonight on Ray’s sofas actually to save us a few bucks. It’s fantastic weather, about 75 today and we are all in our shorts and working the tan nicely…. Today we’ll probably take a cruise around the bay and go for a goggle at the Golden Gate bridge. We took a cable car tram thing last night on our way to the bar so that one’s ticked off the list as well.

Then, it’s on up the West coast on our way to hopefully Whistler in Canada to get a few days’ spring skiing in as well, conditions up there are great at the moment apparently.

Oh, by the way, we have a US number you can call if you’re feeling so inclined for the remainder of the US trip. It’s +1 303 241 0937 and we’re either 7 or 8 hours behind UK time depending on where we are at the time.