The Rain..

Bad day yesterday, felt as rough as old boots in the morning and the weather was total crap, raining steadily all day in true London style. Eventually managed to crawl as far as an Irish bar and cheered for France during the Brazil/France game (not one of my better moves, this….) Today though I am feeling 100 times better than yesterday and the weather has cleared up, so will try and get up the hill later to watch the sunset maybe, there’s this Jesus statue thing, or God or whoever, on a massive tall thin 710 metre mountain in the middle of the city. It’s supposed to be a great view.

The day before I took a trip up to the downtown area, a strange place with a mixture of old churches and buildings dotted about between the sky scrapers, a bit like the City of London really I suppose. I wasn’t over-impressed with the actual sightseeing up there, to my surprise, but did look around a very cool market where you can pretty much buy anything for nothing. There was a pretty park too with the weirdest overgrown rat-like things walking about the place, but also a high proportion of tramps and bums, I need to work on my tan a bit more to blend in better i think, but then maybe it was just when they saw the camera as I pulled it out to photograph the rats.

I’ve changed hotels too, this one is down the road, just slightly nearer to Copabana end but much better quality. They even have cable so I can watch something other than Portuguese soap operas, woo-hoo!