Been lead astray my a mate of Morten’s, and living the Rio nightlife. At one point I (English) was with him (Uruguayan) in a club (Mexican) in Rio (Brazilian) drinking Miller (American) and listening to the Cranberies (Irish), so I can say I’ve had a truly international experience. It was also an experience when we crawled out of there at 6:45 am and got a taxi home in broad daylight, but that’s another story!

Yesterday I went up the Corcovado which means “hunchback”, one of these weird tall mountain things, which has the Christ the Redeemer statue on top. You get up there by taking a rack and pinion train which takes you all the way to the top which is remarkable in itself, a journey so steep at times that it’s hard to even stay on your seat. From here you get an awesome view over the city, and I stayed up there to watch the sunset and the city lights come on. Other than that, and a little lying on the beach, most of the days have been taken up with sleeping. Tomorrow I’m aiming to get out of bed by 1pm and get some transportation organised for the next port of call, but we’ll see…

Today’s short day was taken up getting sent from one part of town to another visiting various hospitals and clinics, trying to get these sodding malaria tablets. I’ve decided to give up and rely on the paint-stripping 100% DEET insect repellent that I’ve got. It keeps everything else that lives away, and kills plants that you get too close to, so hopefully that should do the trick.

Dinner time. Curry in my local Irish bar sounds good tonight, I think..

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