Travel Plans

Taking off tomorrow, hopefully I have a ticket for a bus to Florianopolis, down to the south of here. It’s an 18 hour journey, but is in semi-leito which is somewhere between second class and first class, so hopefully it’ll be OK. Needless to say, it’s CHEAP! 🙂 I say hopefully, as the travel agent could speak virtually no English, so maybe I am actually on a flight to Calcutta. I suppose I will find out tomorrow.

So my last day is going to be spent doing chores, laundry, reorganising the back pack, etc. Tonight I will go up the Pao de Acucar, or the Sugar Loaf, another bizarre mountain which is supposed to be a great spot to watch the sunset from. Then I suppose tonight I will have to go out and party for my last night in town, oh nooooooo!…

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