Foz do Iguaca

In Foz do Iguaca, in what must be surely the cheapest internet caff on the planet, at about 35p an hour. Last night’s coach journey was also fine, a bit of an old bone-shaker coach compared with the last one, but strangely with better seats that convert close to being a flat bed. They didn’t show any films this time, but maybe that is a blessing as I don’t have to stomach “The Matrix Reloaded” in badly dubbed Portuguese like I did on the last one.

Today I went to the Itaipu dam, it’s the largest hydro-electric plant in the world I think. In the process I unwittingly entered Paraguay for a short while, as their tour bus drives you over the dam and back, the border being halfway along. All being well tomorrow I will go to the allegedly spectacular waterfalls, visiting them on the Brazilian side first, then try to move across into Argentina tomorrow night for something different. Reason – I fancy a decent steak 🙂 Then after that I can visit the falls on the Argentine side, then if all works out and with a following wind I’ll get a bus to Campo Grande, which is on the south edge of The Pantanal wetland area in the west of Brazil, and puts me safely back in the tropics and at the mercy of plenty of mosquitoes.

Tossing up on what to do for dinner, my options are torn between a Characuzza (I have spelt this wrong for sure) where they give you a token thing, red on one side, green on the other. You put it green side up and they bring more food to your table, red side up when you’re stuffed. Or there’s a tempting looking Pizza Rodizio, which is along the lines of help yourself to as much pizza as you can cope with and then go outside and puke.