Mount Cook

I did get to Twizel quite easily, a small one horse town really but pleasant enough. Set off next morning in bright sunshine up Mt. Cook, but by the time I got there it was raining pretty hard, just over the mountains. It did stop and I took a hike up a trail in the foothills, but the clouds never lifted enough to get good views which was a shame. Again though I was close enough to hear the cracking and see the landslides in action on the snow, ice and scree slopes.

Drove on to Christchurch for my final night, and managed to net a nice room with jacuzzi once more. Flew next morning in a clockwork aeroplane to Wellington, they don’t even bother to search you or X-ray your hand baggage on this, I suppose they reckon the plane is so small that it would just bounce off if somebody hijacked it and flew it into the side of a building. Flew straight onto Sydney, and have been hanging around a few old haunts which brings back lots of good memories! I looked at my old apartment block with envy as I walked past, how the hell they ever let me live there I’ll never know!

Today I’m on my way over to Manly, you could almost sit on the beach as the winters here are so nice, but it’s actually a bit cloudy and threatening today.