I still didn’t get a great deal of luck with the Sydney weather, although the locals were loving the rain as apparently they’re down to 40% capacity on their reservoirs and in a virtual drought situation. Anyway it was still good enough for me to take a coast walk from Coogee beach up to Bondi beach which is a lovely walk, and one of the first things I did back in ’99 with Mark and Victoria. So that was Sydney, then it was up to Cairns on Sunday, and bye bye to cold weather for me on this trip, now I am firmly back into my shorts which is a relief, with impressive mid-winter temperatures of 26C.

Tomorrow I leave for 2 days and 1 night liveaboard diving (or shagaboard as some call it) out on the Great Barrier Reef. I get to do 6 dives and 1 night dive I think it is. I’m probably going to invest in an underwater housing for the camera today so there’s an outside chance I might get a few decent shots.

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