Kuang Si Waterfall

I made my way to Kuang Si waterfall yesterday, a very beautiful spot indeed with an equally beautiful fall. Here you can hike up one side of the waterfall, with various diversions en route allowing you to stand on ledges within the fall itself. Signs warn you not to slip and fall in. Once at the top you can walk across the top of the fall itself, hanging on to the twigs nailed to trees forming handrails right on the crest. You can gingerly lean over these and look down the fall itself! Then you can scramble down the other side again, and at the bottom you can wade into the knee-deep pool at the base, attempting to get as close to the water as possible. You can only get within about 20 feet as then the spray and wind from the gushing water are so great you can’t physically get any nearer and it feels like you’re standing in a force 11 storm.

From my best estimation my guesthouse here was the 100th place of accommodation for me on the trip so far! Now I’m leaving in a few hours now for Chiang Mai, meanwhile to work out how to run down my pile of worthless Kip before I leave – no money changer in or out of the country will change them to anything else. A few beers by the river seems like the best option.

A Buddhist monk with all the gear on just stopped by to ask me how to spell “abroad”. There are a load of them in here at the moment, doing their English homework presumably!