Chiang Mai

After a nice smooth flight yesterday I am back in the land of the ladyboy, in Chiang Mai to be precise, and what a great city it appears to be! It’s nice to be back in civilisation after the last couple of weeks I have to say, with a nice comfy bed instead of sleeping on a board, nice quiet aircon instead of a 4:30am cockerel rude awakening, and TV with movie channels. I’m such a spoilt brat! I’ve found a great place to stay right in the centre of town, but it’s in a courtyard setting and so nice and quiet with a veranda to sit on whilst sipping your Chang beer and reading the paper. This internet place has a massage parlour upstairs, you pay 100 baht for a one-hour Thai massage and get one hour internet free, now that’s what I call a good deal!

I think I’ve set my final itinerary now, I’ll spend another day or two here, then make a fairly stress-free loop to the north west of here through some remote tribal areas for trekking and scenery and so on, return here for a few more days then head down to Pattaya for the final few days of sleaze before returning home. The night train from here connects nicely with the Pattaya train from Bangkok and the return train nicely with the flight, so by doing this I can avoid having to spend more time in Bangkok.

Now to go and find out what entertainment there is on offer here…

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