Not My Kind of Place..

As ever things look better today under the light of day and after a decent sleep, at least until I went for breakfast in the hotel. Here you get to see the sleaze at it’s height, with all the old tossers eating with the girls they picked up the night before, who are still wearing their pull-me gear. In the rooms on prominent display are two packets of condoms, one for Thais and one “large size” for Europeans, so I expect they get put to good use!

As for me I tried to go out last night but in the end just had to grab some quick food and retreat to the hotel, the hassle even from walking down the street was too much to bear. I seem to get more attention than most, a side-effect of the way it works I think. As far as I can gather, when you pick up a girl here you pay for her to be your girlfriend as such, rather than just for a night of sex. I think that’s why the guys like it so much, as they have a companion for their time here, and from the girls’ point of view, if they can get someone even vaguely half decent then all the better. Now, I think I can safely say this without fear of being accused of an over-inflated ego, but compared to the majority of blokes here I’m probably looking like Brad Pitt or someone. For a start, most blokes here are over 50 and their waistlines are over 40. Oh, and they’re wankers, of course.

For exploration today I walked up to North Pattaya which seems to be more civilised, and I’ll try up there later to see if there’s anywhere to eat and drink without having to get a bank loan for a burger or to pay for a hostess. Nonetheless, unless things change dramatically tonight I think I’ll cut my losses and head back to Bangkok tomorrow and spend my last night there instead.

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