Boy Street

Last night I checked out the rest of South Pattaya, to the south of my hotel and things only got worse. I inadvertently walked down Soi 3 of an area known as “Pattayaland”, this soi is also known as “Boy Street”. No further explanations required there… Other than that the prices rose to astronomical levels, in Thai terms anyway, so instead I walked for miles all the way back to North Pattaya I eventually found a place with live music and no hassle, but even then when I paid up and left one of the waitresses was offering extras…

In its defence, Pattaya’s probably a great laugh if you’re a group of lads on a stag-do type weekend and don’t mind splashing a bit of cash, or if you’re an old fat bastard who hasn’t been laid in some time, but not good otherwise. So today I made good my escape, this time on a genuine bus service. It cost 20 baht more than the dodgy one but took an hour less thanks to not stopping every 20 yards to tout for passengers.

I’m staying back where I was in Sukhumvit, will take it easy tonight and then have all day tomorrow to kill, which I’ll probably spend chilling up in Kho San Road. So expect one more post tomorrow, the last tearful one before I fly!