And I think it’s all over…

I took the soft sleeper to Guangzhou, which ironically had harder mattresses than the hard sleeper I took the other day (maybe there’s a translation problem?) but was otherwise comfortable, you can close the door on your cabin of 4 beds so it’s pretty quiet.

There’s nothing to say about the city, I am staying in a nice hotel near the station, but it just seems like a typical big city, nothing that grabs my attention to go and look at.

So, after 7 countries, 9 currencies, 19 flights (with 2 to go), 4 night trains, 3 night buses, 41 lodgings and an unusually high number of boat passages, it’s time to pick up my backpack for the last time and come home. I’m taking a fast train to Shenzhen which borders Hong Kong, then from there plan to go into the city and meet an old friend, Jan, who works there these days, before taking a late evening flight home.

The map now looks a little like the spaghetti dish I had last night, which has kept me up all night so there is a possibility I won’t be able to travel! I hope they have some strong, Chinese herbal Immodium going on around here somewhere…


See you on the other side!

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