Roof Repairs

Gurney’s taken a few pictures of the roof on 3/12/16 which illustrate some of the work that will be done, and some that will be needed in due course.

Most of the valleys have already been replaced, except for two of them. This one has already been patched a couple of times and is now leaking again into the room above the entrance hall. This is due to be replaced in the first phase of work:


This is the other one that will also be replaced initially, it’s leaking through the door frame of the entrance to my lounge:


This chimney stalk is the one above the entrance hall. The stonework is fairly heavily degrading towards the back of it. The stone is basically sound on this so should just need facing and pointing:


This is the chimney on the wall next to number 37. The back corner of it needs facing and pointing:


This is the chimney on the wall adjoining number 33. It’s in slightly worse condition, but hopefully will still just need facing and pointing:


This is the chimney above the lounges. It’s been badly repaired at some point, many years ago, and the stonework on the west side of it has come away from the stalk itself. Also, one of the pots fell off this stalk earlier in the year. Luckily a TV aerial caught it and stopped it from falling too far, and I’ve moved it to a safe place for now:


This is the rear stalk that’s adjacent to number 33. It’s actually in good condition this one, but does require facing to a couple of small stones and some repointing. Behind George is the pot that fell off the other stalk:


A closer view of the same stalk:


A later phase needs to address the rhone at the back of the building. I’ll get some better photos of it on another day, but in the centre of this picture is the internal angle of the back of the building where the bathrooms are. The rhone that’s half out of sight below that point is way too small for the huge volume of water that sometimes comes off the roof, and the water pours in sheets down the back of the building:


This is a close-up of the same spot. Right in the middle is the water gate which is supposed to channel the water off the roof valleys into the rhone, but it’s faulty. Water spills over the left hand edge of it, under the slates, as you look at it, and goes all over the top of the wall. This is what floods my bathroom: