Photo Catch-up

We saw Kill Bill, and as it’s now open in the UK I can spoil the plot – she kill’s Bill. There you go… Arapahoe Basin had 2 or 3 inches of new snow so was in pretty good condition by and large. I was on a death mission and was practising launching myself off […]

“Home” at Denver again

Back in Denver at Iain’s place. We managed to wangle a week’s free membership at a local gym so we have the chance to be active once more. Today we’re going to hit the climbing wall probably and then finally to see Kill Bill. We got 2 or 3 inches of snow build up in […]


Made it to the town of Gardiner just at the North gate of Yellowstone Park. Crossed through two more states to do this, Idaho and Montana. This turned out to be a cool little town really, we got a nice motel for virtually nothing and ended up doing a crawl of various local bars where […]


Amazingly it was a fairly quiet one last night (i.e. we got home at 1:30am) but still quite capable of walking. So before Vancouver we were in Whistler for a couple of days in Janet’s cabin, very nice up there and a fantastic view of the slopes from the balcony, but in a way that […]

My Big Day

More updates tomorrow as I have to run for dinner with some people we know in Vancouver. It’s my birthday today so…… HELP! Posted from Vancouver, Washington, United States.

Olympic National Park

A quick one from Whistler in Canada – we have the use of Janet’s cabin share which is a nice change from a motel for a few days. Janet is a friend of Steve’s he met in Alaska a few years ago. Crossed the border yesterday having done a night backcountry camping 9 miles into […]

Pacific Highway

In a library in Aberdeen in Washington state – massive hangover so excuse the drivel. Went for a “quiet one or two” in a few locals’ bars last night, which turned out to be cheap and cheerful. So we’ve been 4 days on the road from San Francisco up through Oregon which have been fairly […]

San Francisco

The snow continued to deteriorate at the Heavenly resort, and to be honest as a resort it was far from my favourite anyway, it seemed hard to get around it and you had to do a load of poling all over the place. We discovered the nearby resort of Kirkwood though and spent a couple […]