Nightmare to Malaysia

My jinx with Singapore continued – we were sitting on the plane at Seletor airport which is basically a military base with a portacabin tacked on as the passenger terminal. Three of the engines started OK, the fourth did not. So we get unloaded back to the portacabin and watch with bemusement as the pilot […]


Rakesh and Michelle couldn’t take any more, and rushed off to an Indonesian island yesterday morning for a friend’s wedding party 🙂 So I spent the day eating them out of house and home and lounging by the pool basically, and attempting to make onward travel plans. Now I’m in a big rush, have managed […]


Jakarta was the expected pain in the arse, first the flight was 4 hours late out of Bali due to a “technical problem”, and when I saw the plane I could see why, as it looked like something as was once used by the Wright brothers. They did compensate us with free dinner in the […]


Have spent the last few days loafing about in Kuta – I had intended to spend more time exploring the island a bit to places a bit more cultured like Ubud, but the lure of the lovely hotel complex, the beaches and the nightlife have been too much! Besides, it’s nice not to have to […]


The path into Bali was surprisingly smooth, I was dreading having to arrive at 1am and try and negotiate the touts and get to the hotel. But they seem to have cleaned up the airport here and a prepaid taxi got me straight there and in. I’d picked the most expensive room in the most […]

Northern Territory

For something different, I went for a campervan for touring the NT. I actually enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, although I’m glad it was just me, it’s meant to take 2 adults and 2 (short) kids, but that would be a mare. Would go for a bigger one if there […]

Great Barrier Reef

Big mess last night – ended up in the notorious Wool Shed of Cairns where there are more people dancing on the tables than there are on the floor, God knows when (or how) I got home, but the next thing I know is the phone ringing at 10:30 with an irate receptionist on the […]


I still didn’t get a great deal of luck with the Sydney weather, although the locals were loving the rain as apparently they’re down to 40% capacity on their reservoirs and in a virtual drought situation. Anyway it was still good enough for me to take a coast walk from Coogee beach up to Bondi […]

Mount Cook

I did get to Twizel quite easily, a small one horse town really but pleasant enough. Set off next morning in bright sunshine up Mt. Cook, but by the time I got there it was raining pretty hard, just over the mountains. It did stop and I took a hike up a trail in the […]

Milford Sound

I pushed on to Te Anau in the end, as it’s a deceptively long way all the way to Milford Sound from Queenstown (over 300 Km) and I’m glad I did in the end, Te Anau is in a beautiful setting on a lake and I got a lakeside motel room complete with family-sized private […]