Complete dicks..

Well here I am for a few hours back in Sydney until I fly home. The day did not get off to a good start this morning when we were sitting in our hotel in Adelaide and realised that our flight left in 40 minutes – we didn’t make it and had to buy new […]

Going underground!

Been a while so lots to say… I spent a nice evening in Hobart although it was pretty quiet, even in Salamanca Place where all the action is at. It’s a pretty little city nonetheless even though it doesn’t have a lot of specific things to look at and do. Next day I duly went […]

Freezing my nuts off…

I’m now in Hobart after a few days on the road. After Launceston was a trip out to the east coast where I bedded down in Bicheno, pretty little place with the most expensive camp site on the planet. I did a night tour with some weird old aussie guy to a rookery of the […]

Jesus Christ!

Last night I took the ferry, the Spirit of Tasmania II, from Melbourne across to Devonport in Tasmania. It crosses the Bass Strait which is known for being rough, but on this occassion it had also been affected by the same bad weather as I had been. The captain came on and told us that […]

Great Ocean Road

I’m pretty remote now – I’ve eventually found a “milk bar” that has internet in the town of Warrnambool, I think they sell things other than milk, I can smell some rancid food anyway. Jim got me nicely pissed on Tuesday, we did a tour of a few bars in the local suburb of Melbourne […]


Had a nice evening back at Stu and Teish’s apartment on Sunday, including an impromptu whisk(e)y tasting session where we conculded that a relatively cheap local malt from Tasmania tastes as good as Johnny Walker Blue Label. Interesting if you want to save a few quid, eh? I had a very straightforward trip down to […]


Well here I am down under, in the apartment of my friends Stu and Teisha. I had a good flight, inadvertently when I checked in I picked a seat with open leg room so I had a good stretch out. One guy had been sneezing a lot during the flight near to me, which I […]

Heading far, far south

Today is the day I am off to Oz, first flying off Phuket up to Bangkok to hopefully the same airport as the international flight leaves from – opinion differs on this one! I have taken things fairly easy the last two days. I didn’t consider the 5th option on the bike which was to […]

Kata Beach

In my swanky hotel, it’s not that swanky to be honest, but for 1000 baht it’s a steal though nonetheless. I think it’s a case of them giving you the worst possible room they think they can get away with, given you’ve prepaid already… I’ve exchanged my passport for a motorbike today, with the intention […]

Beach madness

Well it’s been two days of getting completely bollocksed really. Some of the fliers they hand out to you give you free buckets at certain bars. These are little plastic buckets like you’d make a sandcastle with, and they fill it with some rocket fuel strong liquor and a splash of Coke and some ice. […]