Utah to Nevada

Right, this is a long one as we’ve passed through 3 States since the last update, so if you get bored easily, disconnect now… Spent our last evening in Frisco drinking with Joe Morales, a guy from work that I first met in Australia. Several shots later and a few hours sleep and we were […]

Vail/Arapahoe Basin

Racing against the clock on this computer, so… skiied Vail the other day, very poor snow conditions unfortunately, as it was so hot. Then today we were supposed to hit the road, BUT it dumped 6 inches of snow overnight so we stayed around for an extra night to ski Arapahoe Basin, a staggering 13,050 […]

Steamboat Springs

In Steamboat Springs in a fantastic time share that Joe got for us. We have just spent the morning chilling in the pool, outdoor hot tub and sauna/steam room etc. Yesterday the skiing was more like ice skating as temperatures hit 50 degrees which was a shame, but you can’t win them all.. Missed the […]

Bear Peak

Hiked up Bear’s Peak the day before yesterday, a trail described as “strenuous” which it certainly was, given that it has a vertical ascent of nearly 3,000 feet up to an elevation of 8,461 feet, with snow underfoot for some of the time. It is supposed to take 4 to 5 hours, we did it […]


Went to a semi-cowboy, semi-normal music bar in the suburb of Evergreen on Saturday night. A real laugh watching the 45+ year olds tapping off with one another. We got home at 2am only to have to get up at 5-30 to ski Winter Park on Sunday. This was great, we actually skiied the more […]

Brainard Lake

Snow-shoed the other day to Brainard Lake. On the way up there we came across this guy who scared the **** out of us, ┬ábut he seemed pacified enough when we turned around and legged it, screaming like a pair of girls. I think we both broke the 4 minute mile on a pair of […]

Entertainment Establishment

Interesting night last night. Joe takes us to a strip bar (‘cos he’s classy like that), a fairly low-key affair really where we were just having a few quiet beers and watching the bare-knuckle fighting they had on the big screen and completely ignoring the girls, by and large. Anyway, one of them comes over […]

Copper Mountain Again

Copper Mountain yesterday was COLD at -20C, strong wind and horizontal snow. It makes for an interesting trip down the slope when all you can see through your goggles is white, which is particularly enterntaining when you accidentally come off the side of the piste where there is a 6 foot drop to the snow […]