OK, you wouldn’t normally expect Atlanta, Georgia to feature in an itinerary of Costa Rica, but on this occasion, thanks to good ol’ US of A immigration, it did. The last night in CR was fine, we took a hotel near the airport run by a Geordie and her Italian husband, not this one though: […]


The road to Cahuita was reasonably long, but fairly straightforward. For about 100Km or so we were on the main highway feeding¬†the ports of Moins and Limon, but it’s just a regular two lane road and FULL of very slow trucks. You can quite often get sections that are straight enough to overtake, even though […]


This was a fairly epic journey, from coast to coast. Coming off the peninsula we did a balance of what the crazy lady on the GPS wanted us to do, versus common sense and it worked out well. We retraced our route across the ferry and then foolishly ignored crazy lady by taking a route […]


From mountain to the ocean, the Pacific coast to be precise. A relatively painless drive down via a pretty good quality dirt road brought us eventually to Puntarenas, from where you catch a car ferry over to Paquera on the peninsula de Nicoya. It was 39C when we got to the quay, the first real […]


The road to Monteverde was our first real indication of why one hires a 4 wheel drive to tour Costa Rica. The first section was OK, just twisty mountain roads, but the last 40km or so was a dirt road, and much of it in questionable condition at that, sometimes steep, deeply rutted, gravely or […]

San Jose

We’ve arrived! After a great flight to Atlanta, followed by a rather average one to San Jose,¬† we find ourselves in a gorgeous hotel in town, with a none too shabby breakfast Which you’re forced to eat outside Today has consisted of pottering around the city really, getting over the jetlag, which we think is […]