Kuta Beach, Bali

I was right to be concerned about the weather in Bali. Even though it’s only 3 hours flying time from KL, in most of Indonesia this is wet season, whereas back on the SE Asian peninsula it’s dry at the moment. The flight came in through some terrible weather as we came into land, the […]

Kuala Lumpur

My third visit to KL and a very pleasant one, I must say. The previous two times I really didn’t think much of the city at all, the first time I stayed in the Golden Triangle somewhere and the next time down at Sentral, near the station, but this time I’ve stayed in Chinatown which […]


My last morning on Koh Tao started with me doing a good deed by scraping a tourist’s motorbike off the road that crashed just in front of me. Someone else scraped the tourist up. She looked alright really, but some local women were rubbing her belly in concern, thinking she was pregnant I suppose, when […]

Koh Tao Revisited

I spent a couple of nights back on the safe haven of Tao. I stayed in a different set of bungalows for a change, just on the other side of the head where I normally stay, in another fine cabin with a view over Shark Bay The resort sits isolated just above the bay There’s […]

Koh Phangan

I love simple beach hut living. 300 baht a night gets you one of these The walls are made of reeds with an entire ecosystem living in them, and the toilet cistern is made from a converted flowerpot The mattress is lovely and comfy, and the door has a lock, but really I don’t know […]

Koh Tao

I had a minor miracle that helped me get to Thailand in one piece. I’d foolishly booked a flight out of Bangkok to Surat Thani that left 55 minutes after the one from Mandalay was due in. I’d temporarily forgotten that I needed to land, immigrate, collect my baggage, clear customs, make my way from […]


We arrived in good time to Mandalay, and managed to bag the spare bed in the guesthouse that another traveller on my bus had reserved and I happened to share a cab downtown with, so that saved a headache. The city isn’t as bad as I’d been led to believe, I prefer it over Yangon […]

The Road to Mandalay

As a man once wrote, I’m on my way to Mandalay. I’ve been forewarned that it’s one big old stinking dump, some travellers say it’s best avoided altogether in fact. Anyway, I’m flying back from there to Bangkok on Saturday, as they’ve very recently begun international operations from that airport. Previously, the only way for […]


Leaving the Golden Rock behind, I bused it to Bagan, the land of 4,000 temples in the north of the country. One leg of the “bus” journey turned out to be a 60 minute ride on the back of a motorbike, from Bago to a remote motorway intersection somewhere north of Yangon. There I waited […]

Myanmar Catch-Up

It feels like it’s been a while – the infrastructure here is very temperamental, power failures typically occur a few times each day, and the internet connections are up and down like yo-yos. Anyway, from a rather pleasant lunchtime garden halfway between Old Bagan and Nyuang U I’m having a go at writing as I […]