Home Sweet Home

7C and raining as I got off the plane, pretty much what I was expecting… I nipped to the shop and assembled some comfort foods for my first meal, this lot will most likely accompany a curry tonight. For what this cost (not including the curry) I could eat and drink beer all day on, […]

Yangshou, Guangxi

The 28 hour train journey from Xi’an to Guilin was epic, it actually was pretty comfortable, aside from the way the Chinese seem to have no problems making as much noise as they want, when they want, irrespective of whether or not everyone else is trying to sleep. This is the timetable, my stop was […]


So, the night train to Xi’an was over 13 hours in a “hard seat”. There are various categories of train travel, hard seat being the lowest, then soft seat, then hard sleeper, then finally the bees-knees known as soft sleeper. The hard seat is actually not literally hard, it does have some thin padding, but […]

Beautiful Beijing

I arrived in mainland China with minimal fuss, Air China even providing a free glass of very welcome (ghastly) glass of wine on the flight. Immigration in Beijing was a breeze, considering the hassle you have to get your visa in the first place, they barely give your passport a second glance in the airport. […]

Hong Kong

HK is certainly one of those places that makes you go “Wow!” when you arrive. The airport is new, clean and efficient and a train whisks you at high speed into the city. My run of bad luck continues a bit as I troll around trying to find a room, everywhere is full as there’s […]

Sagada, Cordillera

Sagada gets the big thumbs-up! A cool, mountain retreat full of log cabins and leafy mountain outlooks, cool restaurants and bars, nice clean streets and not  man with a gun in sight! This is the entrance to my hotel, I was dying for a pee but I was denied, I had to wait until I […]


I spent a fairly miserable day in Manila, it has to be said. Having stayed at my favourite hotel there which was fine, I had to checkout at noon and find a way to spend my time until 10pm when the bus would leave. After the usual farting around with breakfast at about 1pm followed […]

Bacuit Archipelago

I flew to Puerta Princessa in Palawan, followed by 6 hours crammed into the back of a minibus up to El Nido. I went up to the office of Tao Philippines who were running my bamboo boat the next day, to pay up and say Hi to the crew and the other poor suckers who […]